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Major fandoms currently are BBC Sherlock (Johnlock), MCU (Stucky & Thorki), & X-Men (Cherik).

Side fandoms are Cabin Pressure, All things Tolkien, Elementary, Welcome to Night Vale, Orphan Black, Hannibal, and the Temeraire series.

Fave music is Sigur Ros (and Jónsi), Kate Bush, & Imogen Heap.

I also do Parkour.

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So, Fandom Tea

As much as I love Cara’s blends (and I do love them; Cara is well known for a reason), I kind of feel bad for the other tea blenders. I’ve tried a few amazing blends made by other people, and I feel like they’re all getting ignored because Cara is kind of famous for making tea blends. I’ve never seen a non-Cara blend mentioned on Tumblr.

So here’s a shout out to all of the wonderful and half-forgotten fandom tea blenders on Adagio, and a reminder to those who buy blends to branch out a bit sometimes. :)

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    Things that bother me; the need to call out the popular for no other reason than to prop up the “little guy” marketing...
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    IDK, I see all sorts of other blends mentioned on Tumblr — Tea Wolf, for one, but the Mytholotea and lots of other...
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  5. ineffableboyfriends said: but why are you tagging her??
  6. raelynnmarie said: Don’t you apologize! You have no reason to. Y ou’re awesome and we have you to thank. <3
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    Don’t apologize for awesome, Cara!!
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    TL;DR? No worries. Basically, CARA IS JUST PERFECT
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