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I'm a student, attempting a linguistics major, and at the moment my main obsessions are BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Craig-Era James Bond. I like editing fanvids, and I like writing fanfiction, though I haven't really succeeded with the latter yet.

I also like Cabin Pressure, Middle Earth, Elementary, The Hour, and the Temeraire series.

I write my own original novels, not much more successfully than my fanfiction, and I like world building and conlanging. I am also a traceuse (female practitioner of parkour).

Nothing here will be obviously NSFW, though I may link to/discuss/mention such things occasionally, such as fanfiction.

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So, Fandom Tea

As much as I love Cara’s blends (and I do love them; Cara is well known for a reason), I kind of feel bad for the other tea blenders. I’ve tried a few amazing blends made by other people, and I feel like they’re all getting ignored because Cara is kind of famous for making tea blends. I’ve never seen a non-Cara blend mentioned on Tumblr.

So here’s a shout out to all of the wonderful and half-forgotten fandom tea blenders on Adagio, and a reminder to those who buy blends to branch out a bit sometimes. :)

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    Things that bother me; the need to call out the popular for no other reason than to prop up the “little guy” marketing...
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    IDK, I see all sorts of other blends mentioned on Tumblr — Tea Wolf, for one, but the Mytholotea and lots of other...
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  5. ineffableboyfriends said: but why are you tagging her??
  6. raelynnmarie said: Don’t you apologize! You have no reason to. Y ou’re awesome and we have you to thank. <3
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    Don’t apologize for awesome, Cara!!
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    TL;DR? No worries. Basically, CARA IS JUST PERFECT
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